Personal Coaching Styles Inventory

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)

Communication that is clear, concise, relevant, engaging and understood is vital to the success of any interpersonal relationship. The Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) is a valuable tool that makes communication much more effective and less stressful. 

People have a natural inclination or style in the way they communicate with others. 

The PCSI identifies four principal communication styles.

The PCSI not only helps people identify their own preferred style of communicating, it also teaches them about the styles of others. With this added awareness, leaders, managers and supervisors will be better equipped to give feedback and communicate with others in a way that matches the other person's preference.

Through participating in this one-day workshop, leaders, managers and supervisors can expect to experience a significant boost to the effectiveness of their communication. 

In summary, the PCSI workshop:

  • Boosts the effectiveness of performance related interpersonal communication.
  • Is an assessment tool that helps people in leadership positions understand how to connect more easily in various relationships.
  • Identifies four principal communication style traits and explains why and how these natural tendencies influence behaviour and interaction.
  • Creates an atmosphere of cooperation and achievement through more effective, easy flowing and open communication.